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New Enhancement Announcement

On June 15, 2022 Microsoft will no longer support Internet Explorer (IE 11).

Please start using one of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.
-----> NOTE: Chrome, Firefox, and Edge must be updated to their latest versions.

In order to print ASN labels, the Meadco / ScriptX print driver will have to be upgraded.

The updated print driver requires Microsoft Windows on a 64 bit computer and Admin privileges to install it.
The new Meadco / ScriptX functions will be deployed on: Sunday 5/15/2022.

Install Link: (Use after 5/15)

After you have installed the updated print driver, you can check the installation from the Windows Start button / Mead and Company folder:
----->The MeadCo License should be updated to revision 24.
----->The LocalScriptX.Services Dashboard tool should be available and can be used to check if the printing services are available.

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